Lae City boss set to make huge changes in his team

Ian Chow, owner of Lae City FC, is really not satisfied with this team performances in OFC Champions League this year. After not proceeding to the knock-out stage for the first time since Lae City took part for its first time in the regional tournament, the team boss announced he is set to make huge changes in his franchise.

Hours before their important match against Hekari United counting for PNG National Soccer League 2019/20, Ian Chow stated in his social media: “They were too complacent [Lae City at OFC Champions League] – did not train enough, drinking beer, smoking. Totally unprofessional and deserved to be knocked out“. Chow also added that “they can let the game on Hekari go, or they can prove me wrong. Either way, there will be huge changes“. The transfer window is set to open next week in Papua New Guinea, the perfect chance for the changes Chow expects to do in his team.

Lae City already responded in style in their first match after the regional tournament, in a 8-1 win over FC Kutubu at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in a game in which they did not count on their captain Raymond Gunemba. Now they are going to have a much more harder challenge against the top-placed Hekari United at the same Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium, Lae.


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