Mobil Super Ligue set to start in New Caledonia

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The most important football league of New Caledonia is set to start; the Mobil Super Ligue 2020 season is going to kick-off this weekened with 5 matches in its first matchday.

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The traditional AS Magenta is going to start their campaign – after a succesful group stage tournament at OFC Champions League – against the newcomers from the regional divisions AS Kunié at Stade Numa Daly. The other match to be held at most important stadium of New Caledonia wil be between Tiga Sport and AS Mont-Dore. Tiga will feature the likes of Joseph Tchacko and Richard Sele – Sele signed recently for Tiga Sports after succesful years at AS Magenta. Both matches played at Stade Numa Daly will telecasted by TV Caledonia and streamed in its YouTube channel.

The current title holders Hienghène Sport will expect to play much better than at OFC Champions League when they start their campagin at home against Horizon Patho.

After some years in the regional divisons, the also traditional JS Baco is back to the first tier and will start their campaign against AS Wetr at Stade Yoshida, Koné.

In Lifou, at Stade Hnasse, AS Lössi will take on the home side SC Ne Drehu in the final match of the 1st round of Mobil Super Ligue. It will be a very interesting match as Ne Drehu signed some important players for the season, as the former AS Magenta players as Léon Wahnawe and Yorick Hnautra.


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