Stahl Gubag continues at Stallions as Nigel Malagian departs for Lae City

The strike is not going to be so big for the Madang-based side Tusbab Stallions; the team was set to lose two key players for the current Papua New Guinea national champions Lae City, but just one of them is heading to Lae: the central-back Nigel Malagian.

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The now former Tusbab Stallions captain is the new signing for Lae City. Certainly, the current champions will disappointed with the decision of the PNG National Soccer League top scorer so far in the season Stahl Gubag, the forward decided to stay in Madang. Gubag, while one of the most exciting young talents of Papua New Guinean football, also has study commitments in Madang and chose to keep his football in his hometown while also continue his studies at Madang Teachers College.

Gubag remains with Stallions

While Stahl Gubag continues in Madang, Nigel Malagian was already released by Tusbab Stallions and departed to Lae. Ironically, both Stallions and Lae will meet at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium, Lae in the next matchday of PNG National Soccer League.

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