PNG National Soccer League suspended due COVID-19 concerns

The worldwide Coronavirus outbreak continues to interfere significantly in football; now It is time for Papua New Guinea football association to suspended all PNG National Soccer League matches for at least 30 days – counting from 18th March, 2020.

Following ongoing consultation and collaboration with the President John Kapi Natto with his Executive Committee members and the NSL Board earlier resolve to immediately suspend all PNGFA activities and competitions as effective immediately“, informed PNGFA Media.

KPNSL has over the last 48 hours received some views from few Club Presidents over the COVID 19 and its effect. Club Chairman/President, KPNSL seeks you view to acknowledge that the matches are suspended as of Saturday 21st March, until April 18th 2020“, said PNGFA general secretary Dimirit Mileng.

Image may contain: 2 people, people playing sports and outdoor
Vitiaz United is the current top-placed side at PNG NSL – PNGFA Media

There are already suspicious cases of COVID-19 infection in Papua New Guinea – the decision from the football governing body comes in a right time to prevent a worst scenario due the outbreak in the Oceanian country.

You can check the last updated results, standings and top scorers from the current season in our sessions of the PNG National Soccer League.


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