Raymond Gunemba: we are bringing Lae City Dwellers back

The now former Lae City man Raymond Gunemba talked to Oceania Football Center and stated him and his teammates that left the team after the departure of the coach Peter Gunemba are set to revive Lae City Dwellers. “For the good of our team Lae City Dwellers we have made our move. We are bringing Lae City Dwellers back” said Raymond Gunemba.

PNG National Soccer League back in action
Gunemba with Dwellers outfit – Phototek

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Finally, we might see Lae City and Lae City Dwellers as separated teams in the PNG National Soccer League in the next edition of the national league in the country. Despite the statement his crew is set to bring back the glorious Lae City Dwellers, Gunemba recently talked to The National where he stated him and his teammates wanted to continue to have game time in the second part of the 2019/20 season of the PNG National Soccer League: “The coach’s sacking a day prior to the close of the transfer window was planned in a way to leave us with no choice,” Gunemba told The National. “Former Lae City players are calling on Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) and Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League (NSL) board to grant them late transfers to join other clubs” wrote The National. The newspaper also confirmed that Emmanuel Simon and Jacob Sabua continues as Lae City FC’s players – being also known that Simon is the new team captain as stated by Oceania Football Center.

Raymond Gunemba also told Oceania Football Center he expects to represent Papua New Guinea national team in their upcoming challenges internationally, as the OFC Nations Cup that is set to be played this year in New Zealand: “I do not know at the moment because of this situation, but whatever happens I will still play the game I love for the PNG Kapuls“, added the star-player.

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