Gimale Essacu graduates in US university of Western Illinois

The U23 Papua New Guinea international Gimale Essacu graduated from Western Illinois University in the United States, the midfielder represented his country in 2015 Pacific Games and also in the U23 Olympic Qualifiers last year in Fiji. Essacu did not have a graduation ceremony as usual due the threats of COVID-19 pandmics: “No graduation ceremony, but today after 4 years of study, I have officially secured a degree in Communications and Sociology. Blessed to have experienced this journey through the opportunity of playing the beautiful game in the U.S at the highest level possible for college“, mentioned Essacu in social media. The Papua New Guinean played for four years for the university football side in the NCAA system – the Western Illinois Leathernecks.

Gimale Essacu - Men's Soccer - Western Illinois University Athletics
Gimale Essacu – Western Illinois University

When asked about his future in the game, Essacu explained “once corona is out the way, I have some plans“. So, the solution of the pandemic will also bring news about the next step in Gimale Essacu footballing career – a move back to his country might be a possibility!


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