France to Oceania: a new adventure ready to begin

For two Frenchmen, a new adventure lies ahead. Vladimir Crescenzo and Guillaume must join the Pago Youth Squad for the OFC Champions League 2021, but it is more special than it looks – Vladimir is a journalist and Guillaume is an entrepreneur. Both are 28 years old and have been close friends since childhood. Now they are ready to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives: playing in the Champions League for an American Samoa club.

Both were in contact with Sila Samuelu, the president of Pago Youth. Samuelu and his staff are awaiting their arrival to join the team for the next edition of the OFC Champions League. This trip will be an exciting one for everyone – players, staff and fans – as the entire journey will be recorded and started as a documentary.

Guillaume (left) and Vladimir (right) are getting ready for this challenge

This documentary will be a huge entertainment for those who want to know more about the reality of football in American Samoa. Money is the biggest problem for them right now, so they have started a crowdfunding campaign to support this project. You can find out more and donate to this project by clicking here.

The Oceania Football Center is already in direct contact with Vladimir and Guillaume. Our team will keep up with every step the French take in this amazing adventure.


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