Charles Mani: practice makes perfect

Solomon Islands rising star Charles Mani is a hard worker. It has been one year since the 18-year-old forward move to New Zealand to pursue his dream to become a successful footballer. He was recently approved to join Hibiscus Coast AFC from NRFL2 Division after impressing the coaching staff during his trial period.

He did not have the opportunity to make his official debut for his new club due to the COVID-19 pandemic that postponed winter football season’s beginning in New Zealand. However he stayed focused during this period to get better and better to fight for his space at his new club – “Practice makes perfect. Anyway because of the lockdown the training of the club and school squad still locked up so I decided to do my own training […] when I do my own training the contact with the ball is bit better,” he said.

Charles Mani: I am able to play for a senior team in New Zealand
Solomon Islands forward Charlie Mani ready for winter football season in New Zealand
Charles Mani profile

Mani did not stop training during the lockdown

Charles also studies at Long Bay College so the young forward has a hard routine. He needs to train with two different teams – the school’s team and Hibiscus Coast. While the football activities are currently suspended in the school, he is already back to training with his new club once Hibiscus’ activities resumed last week – “The club training has started […] Keeping my own training helped me to stay fit and prepare for the winter league,” pointed Mani – “I want to do what I love the most. I keep doing my own and having fun with football, because that is what I love the most,” he added.

He was part of the Solomon Islands youth team that made history by representing Oceania in the FIFA U17 World Cup held in Brazil last year. Charlie is proving his quality day in day out and the combinig talent with hard working will surely help him in his chase to become a professional footballer.

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