New Caledonia still studying the best way to resume football leagues

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The football activities in New Caledonia are suspended since March due to COVID-19 pandemics. The suspensio came right after the first matchweek of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue, the top-tier of football in the French territory.

Current New Caledonian football’s situation is not going to change until June 14 – the proposed date by the government to clear sporting training sessions. On May 11 the FĂ©dĂ©ration CalĂ©donienne de Football (FCF) Competitions Organizing Committee proposed some options for Mobil Super Ligue’s continuity. One of the proposed options is: 2020 Mobil Super Ligue scheduled to resume on July 4 with the end of the season scheduled for late November or early December.

However the most suitable and supported proposal comes from FCF Federal Council that suggests a switch in the calendar. So the 2020 Mobil Super Ligue would become the 2020-21 Mobil Super Ligue. In this proposal the league would start in August and finish in May 2021. Both proposals consider New Caledonia Cup’s organization – which must be organized in its entirety.

Mobil Super Ligue could restart in six weeks. Source: FCF Media

There will be a FCF meeting with all the Presidents of Super League Clubs on Thursday so a final decision about which proposal will be implemented must be taken after this meeting.

Despite all proposals the New Caledonian football still depends on the government. The sporting activities must be cleared to resume if there is no new case of COVID-19 there and a final decision must be taken by the government in a few weeks.


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