Manukau United: the most Fijian club in New Zealand

Manukau United is a very relevant team when it comes to winter football season in New Zealand. Currently in the Lotto NRFL Premier Men’s League – the top-tier of winter football in Auckland’s region – they are going to count on foreign power for this season, specially on Fijian power.

The Māngere East-based team has already signed with six footballers from Fiji for this season: Etonia Dogalau, Kishan Sami, Malakai Rakula, Mohammed Alam, Mohammed Nabeel and Poasa Bainivalu. All players came from Fijian clubs that are currently playing 2020 Vodafone Premier League, the top-tier of football in the country.

Rakula (middle) and Sami (right) celebrating a goal. Source: Manukau United Media

The biggest doubt is on goalkeeper Mohammed Alam. As it was previously reported in this website, he is a police officer in his country and he had to go back to Fiji in order to get an official permission to move away from work to play abroad.

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Multiculturalism is Manukau’s main ethos. Actually, South Auckland region in general is extremely multicultural. Football fans from Fiji now have a good team to support in New Zealand’s winter football season.


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