New Caledonian clubs want football back in July

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A meeting between FĂ©dĂ©ration CalĂ©donienne de Football (FCF) and representants of Mobil Super Ligue’s ten teams was held this Thursday in the federation’s headquarter to discuss about the return of the first tier of New Caledonian football.

According to FCF media, clubs would rather a kick-off on 4 July while the federation is more focused on a recovery in August, an option more adapted according to it to this exceptional situation linked to COVID-19. The resumption of the Mobil Super Ligue – the top tier of local football – must take place on August 8 while the end of the championship is scheduled for May 2021.

Football is close to resume in New Caledonia. Source: Alain Vartane

However FCF is really considering clubs’ preference to resume football in July, that is why the federation is put the possibility of an opening cup under study so the teams will have the opportunity to be back to action before August.

The final calendar is likely to be announced in the next week. You can check the current standings of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue by clicking here. Oceania Football Center team will keep an eye on this situation to bring the best information possible for you!


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