Jonathan Spokeyjack: commitment is the key for Ifira BB in PVFA Premier League

The football fans from Vanuatu could finally feel the taste of the sport on Saturday when two friendly matches were contested at Port Vila Stadium as part of team’s preparations for 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League resumption.

As it was previously reported in this website, Galaxy FC has beaten Erakor Golden Star by 2-0 while Ifira Black Bird suffered to beat Mauwia by 2-1. Despite being just friendlies, these matches brought relief to players and fans that were missing football – “Football break was very sad for us. We all missed football while we stayed at home with our families,” said Ifira Black Bird’s player Jonathan Spokeyjack.

Most teams resumed training recently as the local leagues were cleared to resume in Vanuatu from July 1st on and there is a long way to get ready for official matches – “We are expecting to keep a very tight training schedule. All players need to attend every single training in order to be ready,” explained Spokeyjack.

Spokeyjack representing Vanuatu U23 in the 2019 OFC Olympic Qualifiers

This season is being very special for Ifira Black Bird. Currently sharing the 2019-20 PVFA Premier League lead with Tafea, Spokeyjack and his team mates know the importance to keep themselves commited to their objective: win the league.

While Ifira and Tafea fight for the first position, another contender is pursuing both teams. Strong side Galaxy FC is currently in the third place only one point behind the leaders. With a very talented squad, the team owned by Andrew Leong is also focused on 2020 OFC Champions League as they qualified to the knockout stage of the continental tournament.

However it is important not to take Galaxy for granted and Spokeyjack knows it – “We will need to use our experience to win games […] We know how they play. We can not let their players free,” he pointed.

This season was being breathtaking beore COVID-19 pandemics and it is going to be very exciting until the end with three teams fighting for the title – “It is going to be a good challenge. Football has improved here in the past years […] All teams are training hard,” said Spokeyjack.

Port Vila Football Association – the association responsible for PVFA Premier League – has not released a resumption date yet. Oceania Football Center will keep up with the situation in order to bring accurate information for our readers.


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