FIFA funding sent to Papua New Guinea FA

Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) received USD $93.000,00 from FIFA to fund a fencing project at PNG Football Stadium that must start this week.

According to PNGFA president John Kapi Natto this money will be used for making some improvements like: internal perimeter palisade fence line, field of play perimeter chainmesh fence barriers, competition zone barriers custom built to suit international football competition requirements. Palisade fence encloses of vital installations such as the irrigation water tanks and pump area, standby generator set and light tower switch boxes around the field of play perimeter with external and internal vehicle and pedestrian gates for use by spectators service providers.

PNG Football Stadium – PNGFA Media

Mr. Kapi Natto is likely to be re-elected as PNGFA president in the 16th Ordinary Congress of Papua New Guinea Football Association that is going to be held in Port Moresby on Saturday.

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