Malakai Rakula keeps training in Fiji as New Zealand borders remain closed

Fijian player Malakai Rakula is currently facing an unusual situation. The 28-year old midfielder is set to play 2020 winter football season in New Zealand for Manukau United but he can not enter in the country as the borders are closed there.

While he can not return to New Zealand, Rakula keeps training hard in Fiji. According to the player, his training sessions are being monitored by Manukau United staff that is providing a great support to the Fijian footballer – “I can not wait to go back to New Zealand. I loved playing for Manukau United,” said Rakula.

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Rakula (left) celebrating a goal for Manukau United.

Manukau United is set to debut in 2020 Lotto NRFL Premier League – the top-tier of winter football season in Auckland region – on Saturday against Forrest Hill Milford at Mangere Centre Park.

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