New Caledonia: 2020 Mobil Super Ligue will not be broadcasted anymore

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Caledonia Channel announced on this Monday that 2020 Mobil Super Ligue matches are not going to be broadcasted due to budget cuts made by the channel’s shareholders.

It was reported by FĂ©dĂ©ration CalĂ©donienne de Football (FCF) media that broadcasting Mobil Super Ligue matches is something expensive and the “advertising revenue” is clearly not as high as expected.

Ashley Vindin – Managing Director of Caledonia Channel – pointed that the television-football alliance has ended up draining a lot of money in most countries, but not in New Caledonia. The support of Mobil – the major sponsor of the league – alone can not be sufficient on the level of private sponsors as the local league is still an amateur one.

Mobil Super Ligue is not going to be broadcasted this year

This news is really devastating for those who are used to watch Mobil Super Ligue on TV or even in YouTube. The top-tier of Caledonian football was surely the best football league in Oceania when it comes to broadcasting with two fully-broadcasted matches by matchweek. Neither ISPS Handa Premiership – the major football league from New Zealand – have two broadcasted matches week in week out.

Football is one of the most profitable things for TV Channels around the world. Maybe this terrible loss can be the trigger to push New Caledonian football into professionalism. We can not wait to watch the Mobil Super Ligue again.


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