Roy Krishna to choose a new club soon

The Fijian national team captain Roy Krishna is attracting huge interest on the football market. The star player had a fantastic season in which he led the Indian Super League team ATK to victory with a total of 15 goals.

Recently, it was reported the player had a number of clubs interested to acquire his services; even clubs from European football were scouting the Fijian wonder. According to local sources, now some of the names of the clubs interested to sign Krishna are released: the Indian sides Mumbai City and East Bengal are interested to have Krishna in their squad for the next season, ATK is also interested to retain the attacker for the next season in Indian Super League.

Roy Krishna

It is known that Roy Krishna is studying all his options for next season; the player said he will discuss with his agent about the offers in the table and decide what is better for his career. Krishna already achieved success as player of the New Zealand-based side Wellington Phoenix and in the past season when he helped ATK to clinch for the third time the Indian Super League title.

Krishna already played 40 international matches for Fiji and scored a total of 29 goals for his country; making him the second in the list of all-time top goalscorers of the Fijian national team history.


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