Solomon Islands’ legend Henry Fa’arodo expresses his concerns about Telekom S-League

Solomon Islands legendary player Henry Fa’arodo is currently living in New Zealand as he is playing for Hamilton Wanderers in the Lotto NRFL Premier – one of the regional football leagues in New Zealand’s winter football season. Despite being far from his homeland, Fa’arodo still cares about football in his country.

According to sources, the next season of Telekom S-League – the main football league from Solomon Islands – is set to begin in August. However the local teams are struggling to start their preparations for the upcoming season as there are no available training grounds in the country’s capital Honiara.

“I heard that the start date for the next Telekom S-League season has been announced. I am sure by now that S-League clubs should have a plan or a program for their coaching and playing staff by now. I do hope that trainings should be given the green light as I am aware that other social activities have been given the green light in Solomon Islands,” he stated.

The importance of Henry Fa’arodo for Solomon Islands sport
2020 Telekom S-League set for August

Henry Fa’arodo

Fa’arodo is a legendary player and his commitment with the sport is the same outside the pitch. His last experience in Solomon Islands’ football was in 2019-20 Telekom S-League when he won the tournament as Solomon Warriors’ head coach.

Having relevant players having a serious positioning about things that are not going well in the sport is very important and Solomon Islands need it.


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