Mobil Super Ligue restart this weekend in New Caledonia

The top-tier of football in New Caledonia is finally back to action as the Mobil Super Ligue restart this weekend. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the competiton had just one round played and now the 2nd round is set to be played with five matches – four this weekend and the match in Maré of Horizon Patho against JS Baco will be played on 18th July. Two games of the round will be streamed by FCF.

After suffering a harsh defeat against AS Magenta in the first match of the league, the newcomers AS Kunié will expect to hold the Jean-Philippe Saïko and AS Lössi at Stade Numa-Daly. The New Caledonian international is set to make his debut for his new club after a succesful stint in New Zealand.

AS Kunié vs AS Magenta for Mobil Super Ligue – MSL Media

One of the most entertaining matches of the weekend will see Richard Sélé and Lues Waya guide AS Tiga Sport against the powerful AS Magenta. Both sides come from important victories in the first round, as Magenta smashed 6-0 on AS Kunié and Mont-Dore got beaten by Tiga with two goals of Richard Sélé.

On Sunday, the current champions Hienghène Sport will host AS Mont-Dore at Stade de Hienghène. Mont-Dore will expect on the talent of Cédric Decoire to stun the home side. Hienghène did not give any chances for Horizon Patho in the first match of season with a strong 5-1 victory. Also on Sunday, the final match of the weekend, AS Wetr will take on SC Ne Drehu on Stade Numa-Daly – Wetr had imposed a harsh defeat to JS Baco away from in Koné by 4-0, as Ne Drehu counting on the likes of Yorick Hnautra defeated AS Lössi in Lifou by 2-1.

You can see the latest results and uptated standings of Mobil Super Ligue by clicking here.


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