AS Magenta beat Tiga as Mobil Super Ligue finally restarts in New Caledonia

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The most important football league of New Caledonia is finally back to the game. Four matches were played in this weekened to celebrate the restart the of the top-tier football league of the nation – the Mobil Super Ligue.

Two matches of the five of the 2nd round – Horizon Patho vs. JS Baco was not played this weekend, the match will took place next 18th July – were streamed by Mobil Super Ligue page in Facebook. The first of those, saw the debut of New Caledonian international Jean-Philippe Saïko for AS Lössi against the newcomers in the league AS Kunié. But, it was Anthony Timoteo that was the standout player of the day for Lössi with a hattrick. The first goal of the day was scored by Ludwig Zeoula and then Timoteo’s show started when he scored with a powerful header after a cross from Saïko.

In the second half, Lössi found it difficult to score in the early stages of the period, but then Jorick Ngazo found the nets after a good cross by Timoteo. Timoteo added the fourth for Lössi and once again, it was time for Timoteo to score his hattrick counting on a good assist from Saïko. The former Tasman United man added the sixth for Lössi – a goal in the debut for Jean-Philippe Saïko – and the consoloation goal for Kunié was scored by Gianni Manmieu. A strong performance gave Lössi their first win in the league this season – Kunié suffered a total of 12 goals in two matches, but at least scored their first ever goal in the Mobil Super Ligue.

AS Wetr vs SC Ne Drehu – AS Wetr

The second match of the day and the most important game of the weekend, saw Tiga Sport take on the powerhouse AS Magenta. The youngster Lues Waya put Tiga upfront the scoreboard – Tiga could not count on the New Caledonian international Richard Sele in this clash, certainly his experienced was missed by Tiga. In the second half, the turning point of the match was when the coach Alain Moizan introduced the attacker Jeremy Jeno in the game: Jeno scored the equalizer for AS Magenta and in the final moments of the game converted a penalty kick to keep his team in the top of the table of Mobil Super Ligue.

Hienghène Sport won by forfeit (3-0) AS Mont-Dore that could not travel to Hienghène to take on the current national champions. But, on Sunday, SC Ne Drehu travelled to Nouméa to take on AS Wetr. The match was full of goals: Neil Wahiobe opened the scoreline for AS Wetr in the 17th of play, Nestor Xalite equalized for Ne Drehu, but just one minute later Wetr star-player Germain Haewegene put his side upfront. In the second half, former Trio Kedeigne winger Jordan Wétria scored for Ne Drehu to give final numbers to the clash – 2-2.

AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport continue in the top of the table in a complete tie – you can see the full standings and results of Mobil Super Ligue in the season by visiting its updated page in our website.


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