The controversial penalty suffered by Ba’s forward Samuela Drudru against Lautoka

The first goal in the clash between Ba and Lautoka at Churchill Park was a penalty kick converted by Ba’s Manasa Nawakula. Samuela Drudru was fouled by Sekove Finau inside the box according to the referee. But it seems that it was a controversial decision… Let’s check it the video below:

Oceania Football Center’s management created an open poll asking neutral football fans to analyze the play and 97% of the voters said that it was not a penalty while most of these voters also stated that it was not even a foul.

Also, there is a very important point that must be taken into consideration: It is clear in the video that Lautoka’s defender Sekove Finau held the arm of Ba’s forward Samuela Drudru. The act of holding Drudru’s arm began outside the box so it should not be a penalty because according to FIFA rules the origin of the foul is what worths and not its end. Despite it even there are controversies if it was a foul or not, but the origin of the supposed foul was really outside the box.

Samuela Drudru and Sekove Finau were involved in the play

First of all it is very important to emphasize that controversies happens in football as it is part of the game. This article does not have the intention to tarnish the referees’ decision. It was a very difficult play that happened in less than a second and the referees can not be blamed if they took the wrong decision in this particular case.


3 thoughts on “The controversial penalty suffered by Ba’s forward Samuela Drudru against Lautoka

  1. Wow that refree was even very far to give a penalty.Plus bit unprofessional from him.Lautoka got Robbed.That was not a foul even.Have seen contact football EPL,La Liga..that was very poor call.


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