Jacky Ruben back to his roots in Vanuatu

The current PVFA Independence Cup is being a very good tournament with interesting matches and many talented players. A good example is Tafea’s forward Micah Tommy who recently returned to Vanuatu. However there is another player that returned to the country that must be highlighted: Jacky Ruben.

Ruben officially left Suva and he is now free to join any team as his International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is not with the Fijian club anymore. The 23-year-old midfielder is playing the 2020 PVFA Independence Cup for Erakor Golden Star – a club that he knows very well.

Besides being the team’s captain in the tournament, he is also coaching Erakor Women’s Team – ‘The passion of this game is something different that is why we hardly quit it,” revealed Ruben to Erakor Golden Star’s media.

Ruben (in the middle) is back to his roots

Back to Vanuatu, he is probably going to stay with Erakor at least until the end of the current season. However it is not something confirmed yet as he is not officially attached to the club. It is important to remember that the Independence Cup is not an official tournament like the PVFA Premier League.

Ruben and his teammates will have a tough challenge tomorrow when Erakor will fight for the first position of Group A against Galaxy FC. You can check the current standings by clicking here.

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