Malakai Rakula: Roy Krishna is ‘like a king’ for Fijian Football

Fiji football has lots of stories to tell; many remarkable moments. One of the most important figures of Fijian football history is certainly the current national team captain and ATK-MB star Roy Krishna. One of Krishna’s teammates in the national, the new Lautoka player Malakai Rakula expressed his feelings on Krishna – about the importance of the player to local football and also what Roy Krishna represents to Fiji as a country. “He is very down to earth, very humble. He is a ‘one-million-dollar man’, but he is always there to help,” said Rakula to Oceania Football Center.

Rakula and Roy Krishna

When we were in Samoa, for Pacific Games, people saw him and ask: is he Roy Krishna? Really, the one-million-dollar man and he is so humble” said Rakula, “he was always there to assist us in the pitch“, completed the Fijian international.

When asked about the importance of Krishna for Fiji, Rakula did not hesitate: “he is ‘like a king’ in Fiji” said the new Lautoka signing – “his hardwork make him go so far, to suceed in A-League and in India. The whole Fiji is proud of him, he represents our country very well“. Rakula also praised the capabilities of Krishna inside the pitch: “Roy is very different – professional player -, but he is always there to assist us in order to represent Fiji very well. He is very fast, a complete striker”, expressed Rakula.

Rakula played with Krishna for several times in the Fiji national team, together they clinched the bronze medal in the last Pacific Games edition in Samoa in Men’s football tournament. Last year, Fiji won by 1-0 a friendly match against Mauritius where Malakai Rakula provided one beautiful assist to Krishna to score the winning goal: the duo combines very well. You can watch winning goal of Krishna and the assist of Rakula in this match by clicking here.

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