Rewa remains on Vodafone Premier League’s top after drawing against Suva

Rewa visited Suva at ANZ Stadium in the last match of Vodafone Premier League’s weekend. It was a very important match for both teams: Rewa wanted to remain in the first position while Suva could get closer to their rivals in the fight for the title.

This match marked the debut of many players for Suva: Beniaminio Mateinaqara, Laisenia Raura, Patrick Taroga, Ravnesh Karan Singh and Simione Nabenu. On the other hand, Rewa was strengthened by Kavaia Rawaqa and Simione Tamanisau who were back from injury.

It was an interesting match as both teams were trying to put the ball on the ground and keep the possession. Rewa was more successful on having the ball and they managed to built some good plays in the left side of the pitch with Kavaia Rawaqa and Setareki Hughes. Both teams had heir biggest goal chances in the final minutes of the first half.

In the 41st minute Suva’s left back Nickel Chand finished with his left foot and the ball went a few centimeters wide of the post. Two minutes later, Chand lost the ball possession and Rewa created a dangerous opportunity inside as Mateinaqara made a good save in an one on one situation inside the box.

Both teams have the chance to open the scoreboard in the first half

The second half did not have a lot of emotions as both teams were not able to create good chances to score. Anwyay the final minutes were quite interesting with the both teams trying to attack but they did not manage to find the net and the score was a 0-0 draw at the final whistle.

Rewa remains in the first position of the league with thirteen points in six matches while the Capital City Boys went down to the fourth position with this result. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.


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