Erakor GS and Galaxy to battle again for a spot in PVFA Independence Cup semi-finals

Galaxy and Erakor Golden star are going to clash in a exciting match that is going to decide the fourth and last qualified team for 2020 PVFA Independence Cup semi-finals in Vanuatu.

Both teams have already clashed on Saturday in the last round of the group stage and the final score was a 0-0 draw. However a new match needed to be contest to decide which team will advance to the semi-finals because Erakor and Galaxy finished the group stage tied in the second position as you can see in the picture below:

Ifira Black Bird qualified in the first position while Galaxy and Erakor are tied in the second position

According to reliable sources it was announced that an extra-time would be played after the Saturday’s clash but it was not possible due to lack of light. This rematch will decide which team will finish the Group A in the second position to advance to the next stage.

Galaxy and Erakor Golden Star clashing on Saturday – Vanuatu Sports News

Ifira Black Bird, Tafea and Yatel are the three other teams that advanced to the semi-finals. You can check results, standings and top scorers of 2020 PVFA Independence Cup by clicking here.


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