Ifira BB and Galaxy to battle for PVFA Independence Cup glory

The grand final match of the PVFA Independence Cup in Vanuatu’s capital city Port Vila is decided: the powerful Galaxy FC will be taking on the traditional Ifira Black Bird.

Both teams already met in the competition – in the group stage – and the result was a 2-2 draw; match when Galaxy’s defender Diego Maximo was sent off early in the match. This time, when both teams met the decision will be which side will lift the PVFA Independence Cup as Ifira surpassed Yatel in one semi-final match and Galaxy beat Tafea in the other hand.

The good team of Yatel made it very hard for Ifira; a 0-0 result forced both sides to a penalty shootout contest. Some fans that watched the clash said it was probrably the biggest penalty shootout ever played in Vanuatu: Ifira Black Bird surpassed Yatel on 15-14 in the final outcome of the decisive series.

Ifira players celebrate the thrilling victory over Yatel – Vanuatu Sport

In the other semi-final, Tafea took on Galaxy; the team captained by Junior Felix could not overcome Galaxy’s firepower and sufferd their first defeat in the competition – Tafea won all matches in the group stage -, taking them out of the grand final. The goals of the Brazilian midfielder Roberson and Brandon Tari sealed the qualification of Galaxy for the final of the traditional tournament that celebrates the 40th year of Vanuatu’s independence.

The grand final match will be played on Vanuatu’s Independence Day – 30th July – at Port Vila Municipal Stadium to decide which side will lift the Independence Cup’s trophy. The current title holders of the competition is Tupuji Imere that beat Tafea in 2019’s edition of the competition – we are set to have a new champion!


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