AS Magenta beats Hienghène to continue at the top of New Caledonia’s Mobil Super Ligue

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The most important football league of New Caledonia continued this weekend with five very important clashes. The most important of them was Magenta vs Hienghène at Stade Numa-Daly to decide each side would take the 1st place in the standings.

On Saturday, the first match at Stade Numa-Daly before the fierce rivarly of Magenta and Hienghène took the pitch, was between AS Mont-Dore and Horizon Patho. After a goalless first half, four goals thrilled the final period of the game. Mont-Dore’s Yohan Boa scored a brace just at the start of the half – goals scored at the 49tha and 51st minute. Five minutes Horizon Patho’s Poléo Ngaihony scored with a short-range finish and Yohan Béaruné equalized the match at the 69th to give final numbers to the clash.

Following, Magenta took on Hienghène and scored early in the match after a penalty kick taken by Shene Wélépane. Hienghène cold not count on with the two historic players Bertrand Kaï and Roy Kayara in this clash and certainly their absence was vital for the final outcome of the match.

Still in the first half, Nathanael Hmaen scored the second for his side to an empty-net shot. It did not take long for Hienghène to recover as the experienced Joseph Athalé reduced the scoreline through a penalty kick after handball in the penalty box, but still in the first half Hmaen would once again score to retain the two-goal advatange for Magenta.

In the start of the second half, Joseph Athalé had a golden chance with a free-kick in the top of the box and he did not waste putting Hyehen back on the match. Fonzy Ranchain scored for AS Magenta later on the second half, the goal was disallowed and Nathanael Hmaen received his second yellow card in the match after complaining with the referee: Magenta was reduced to 10-men. Hienghène pushed forward, had chances to score in two opportunities with headers of the midfielder Cédric Sansot, but AS Magenta managed well with the pressure and won the most important match so far of the league.

AS Magenta recorded a very important win over Hienghène Sport – OFC Media

Also on Saturday, SC Ne Drehu visited Koné to take on JS Baco at Stade Yoshida; the orange and white side managed to continue their good run as they beat Baco by 2-1. Ne Drehu goals were scored by Mone Wamowé and Mayrone Xalite as Stéphane My scored for the locals – their first goal this season in the Mobil Super Ligue.

On Sunday, two matches finished the round on New Caledonian’s top tier: AS Lössi could not continue their good run as they were beaten by Tiga Sport. Lössi managed to score first through Jorick Hnazo, but in the second half Tiga scored three times thanks the efforts of Richard Sélé and a brace of Morgan Mathelon. AS Kunié hold the good side of AS Wetr to an entertaining 3-3 draw: Wetr goals were scored by Germain Haewegene, Raoul Wenissio and Joan Bako while Kunié goal scorers were Vincent Vakié, Daniel Douépéréa and Gianni Manmieu.

With the results, JS Baco is at the bottom of the table while AS Magenta continues at the top with an important win over Hienghène. SC Ne Drehu overtook the second position from Hienghène with their victory in Koné. You can see the update results and standings in our session of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue.


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