Josaia Sela: the flourish of a young star from Fiji

Current league leaders Rewa made another victim this weekend when they beat Lautoka by 1-0 at Ratu Cakobau Park in the seventh round of 2020 Vodafone Premier League – the major football league from Fiji.

The winning goal was scored by Josaia Sela, one of the most promising players from Fiji. The 17-year-old forward had a very consistent performance against Lautoka and he scored a deserved goal to give three more points to the Delta Tigers. You can check some of his actions in the match against Lautoka by clicking here.

Josaia Sela

Josaia Sela is a name that Fijian football fans must get used to hear. He made his debut for Rewa at senior level in 2018 Inter-District Championship when he was just 15 years old and now he is proving himself as a reliable forward that Rewa’s head coach Marika Rodu can count on.

He was also the captain of Fiji U-16 squad in the 2018 OFC U-16 Championship and he led his side to reach the semi-finals of the tournament by scoring two goals in five matches.

Sela surely has the necessary to become a successful player in Fiji but his talent can take him to a higher level. Rewa’s management and staff have a jewel to be cut.

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