Tafea beats Yatel to earn 3rd place in PVFA Independence Cup

The traditional PVFA Independence is close to its end in the 2020 edition. Today, at Port Vila Municipal Stadium, the losing sides of the semi-finals matches – Yatel and Tafea – played a very interesting match to decide which side would take the bronze medal from the tournament.

Yatel opened the scoreline in the first half thanks to a goal of the talented midfielder Frank Ruben, but in the second half Tafea equalized through the effort of John Thomas.

Tafea players celebrate a goal in PVFA Independence Cup – Vanuatu Sport

The match needed to have a winner – a penalty shotout was required to decide which team would take the 3rd place of the competition. Tafea was able to score all penalty kicks, unfortunately for Yatel that lost one shot giving Tafea the in the 3rd/4th match playoff. “The mach was good. Yatel lost on penalty shoot out again. It was a close one – we scored first, but Tafea equalised just before end of game. Final score on penalty shotout 5-4 for Tafea“, said Yatel’s president John Stephens Tougon.

The decisive clash to decide the champions of the tournament will be tomorrow – Independence Day of Vanuatu – as Galaxy FC take on Ifira Black Bird.


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