Lautoka: Malakai Rakula on doubts for Battle of Giants

The Fiji international Malakai Rakula is uncertain if he will take part in the next Battle of Giants. The new signing of Lautoka is still to debut for the club in the Vodafone Premier League as the player had problems in his ITC (International Transfer Certificate). Most recently, in an interview to Oceania Football Center, Rakula said he would not be available for Lautoka’s first match in the national league against Ba, but was positive about his return to the pitch against Navua – something that did not happen, even not in the third match of Lautoka against Rewa.

Malakai Rakula representing Fiji – FFA Media

Battle of Giants will take place in Lautoka and it is set to start in the next weekend (08th Aug) and the Blues have a week to solve ITC’s situation of Rakula in order to count on his services in the traditional tournament.

Recently, Malakai Rakula had a short stint in New Zealand outfit Manukau, but moved back to his country after the COVID-19 pandemics. As he can not move back to New Zealand due borders restrictions, the player decided to represent Lautoka in Fiji until the borders issue is not solved – being loaned from Manukau to Lautoka. This is the scenario of Rakula is in – the bureaucracy on the deal might had found problems and Lautoka is running against time to have the important player available for Battle of Giants.

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