Solomon Islands: Three more clubs interested on playing 2020 S-League

The 2020 Telekom S-League kicks-off in the next weekend. However the number of participating teams is not defined yet as three more clubs showed interested on playing the major football league from Solomon Islands this year.

According to local media, Southern United, Honiara City and CY Strikers are these three teams that have expressed interest on playing the next Telekom S-League season. It is widely known that Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) has an old wish to have ten teams in the league to meet a FIFA requirement.

Telekom S-League logo

The last Telekom S-League season was contested by nine clubs and Solomon Warriors were crowned the national champions while Henderson Eels finished the league in the second position. A final decision about the number of teams in the league is solely on the board to decide in a meeting scheduled for this Friday at SIFF Academy.


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