Ravnesh Karan Singh: Suva’s new team captain

Suva is marching on to take on Ba this weekend for Vodafone Premier League – this will be the last match of both teams before the traditional Battle of Giants start on 8th Aug. Ba will be looking to continue their good run after beating Labasa by 2-1, while Suva also comes from a victory – 1-0 against Nadi away from home – in what something will be a very entertaining match.

But, there’s another very important milestone to feature in this match: the armband, or better, the one that will be wearing it: Ravnesh Karan Singh. The former Labasa player is the new captain for Suva – he already captained the team coached by Babs Khan in their recent match against Nadi. In a squad with so many experienced players such as Laisenia Raura, Christopher Wasasala and Beniamino Mateinaqara, the chosen one to guide the team inside the pitch is the 28-year-old midfielder that just rejoined Suva from the Babasiga Lions.

Karan Singh in action against Nadi – FFA Media

Suva is not going to have an easy challenge against Ba, but they know they rely on the experience of their players and count on the determination of its new captain, that is certainly looking to prove why he is wearing the armband.


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