Jacob Sabua: Lae City needs to work hard to win PNG National Soccer League

The current national champions of Papua New Guinea will certainly fight at the top of the table of the 2020 PNG National Soccer League in order to defend their title. Lae City, counting on national top-players such as Emmanuel Simon and Alwin Komolong, has one of the best squads in the country at the moment. Differently from the past seasons – where Lae City dominated the national football scenario – Bob Morris will be the head coach instead of Peter Gunemba, while the usual stars Nigel Dabinyaba and former team captain Raymond Gunemba departed from the club to join Lae’s major rivals: Hekari United.

Another important part of Lae City dominance in the recent years that continues in the team is the Papua New Guinean international Jacob Sabua. In a recent interview with Oceania Football Center, the midfielder talked about his expectations for the return of the season, the new signings of Lae City and, surely, the impact of the absence of Dabinyaba and Raymond Gunemba.

Midfielder Jacob Sabua

We have Emmanuel (Simon), Ronald (Warisan) and me that have been working together for years,” said Sabua – “with the addition of players as Felix Komolong and Alwin Komolong we are stronger – Stahl Gubab, Nigel Malagian and Charles Lepani they are the icing on the cake, every player is training very well“, added the 25-year-old midfielder.

The question all Lae City FC fans want to know: will Lae grab another national title? – the answer of Sabua to the question is clever and respectful to its opponents: “If we want to win the league we will need to put our heads together for Lae City – we will need to work hard. Currently, Vitiaz, Hekari they are strong as we are,” explained the midfielder – “the technical level of the league this season is better than the last ones,” added Sabua.

Sabua knows Hekari was already a strong side; “now they are counting on Raymond and Nigel. I do not need to say anything about them, about how good they are. Both were great signings for Hekari,” explained the player that already played 15 matches for the PNG Kapuls.

Sabua and his teammates are expected to restar their campaign in PNG National Soccer League next weekend – as it was recently informed by the organising bodies – as they look to bounce back to the top place in the table that is currently occupied by Vitiaz United.

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