Micah Lea’alafa takes a break from his football career

One of the most important players from Solomon Islands, Micah Lea’alafa is not linked to any football team since he left Maritzburg United from South Africa earlier this year.

After confirming that he will not play the upcoming Telekom S-League season, the 29-year-old forward revealed to Oceania Football Center that he took a career break: I am taking a break from football for now because I want to help Solomon Islands football,” he stated.

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Lea’alafa playing for Solomon Islands National Team

Lea’alafa also explained his plan for the upcoming months: “I will be going to villages and communities around the country. I will teach them how to play football and futsal and I will also share the experience I had as a professional footballer”.

Micah is not the first national team player to show interest on helping football’s development in Solomon Islands. Having some local icons helping to develop the sport in the country is a very important point.


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