Seveci Rokotakala: Navua is set to upset some big teams

The bottom ranked side of the current edition of Vodafone Premier League is certainly coming as underdogs in the Group B of the 2020 Battle of Giants alongside the hosts Lautoka, Rewa and Nadi. That is what exactly the experienced defender Seveci Rokotakala told to Oceania Football Center in interview heading to the traditional tournament: “we are going as underdogs. But we also going as our build up for national league due we are ranked in the bottom of the table in the Vodafone Premier League,” said the central defender.

“We have been preparing well as we work on our fitness which was our down fall
,” observed the experienced Navua player. Rokotakala, a 42-year-old player, is not the only very experienced played in Navua’s squad; some players such as Vineet Chand and Apisai Smith are already in their late 30’s, so working in fitness in the preparation for the tournament – three games in three days – seems something crucial for Navua side in the competition.

Seveci Rokotakala

Even coming as underdogs in their pool, Seveci and his teammates have an optimistic view of what they can in the very traditional tournament that is going to be held in Lautoka this weekend: “As said we will look to improve our game for the national league, but not just that – we will try to upset some big teams in the tournament and try to win games,” explained the experienced player.

Navua’s first challenge in the 2020 Battle of Giants will be against Nadi this Friday (07th August) – then so they will have to face Lautoka and Rewa in the pool expecting to give fight to all big teams draw alongside the brave Seveci’s side.

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