Arami Manumanubai: I ask Lautoka supporters to come in numbers to support us

Lautoka’s key player Arami Manumanubai is excited with the experience to play the upcoming Battle of Giants in home ground; the defender asks for fans supports at Churchill Park: “we are in hard pool, but the opponents will need to come to play in our home ground,” stated the tall defender.

Playing at home will be a big advantage for Lautoka, the team is ready for this challenge“, explained Manumanubai. Lautoka will be starting their campaign against Rewa this Friday (07th Aug) at Churchill Park.

Arami Manumanubai – OFC Media

Manumunubai knows the stadium will have a reduced capacity for this competiton due COVID-19 concerns, but he asks the supporters to come as they can to support the Blues: “I ask the fans to come in numbers to support their team Lautoka this weekend“, expressed the defender.

The 21-year-old player stated the team is preparing well for the competition under coaching of the experienced Ravinesh Kumar towards this challenge in Battle of Giants: “we are preparing very well, two sessions in day under master Ravinesh. The boys are ready for this challenge“, added Manumanubai.

The group stage of the 2020 edition of the Battle of Giants will be played in Lautoka, as mentioned, this weekened – from 7th to 9th August.

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