Eliud Fugre: we need to work hard to keep Vitiaz United on top

The 2019-20 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League resumes this weekend and now it is time to see how all ten teams are going to perform in the remaining matches of the season. Most people will probably look at national powerhouses Hekari United and Lae City, but it is very important to remember that a new franchise is currently on the top: Vitiaz United.

With eight wins in ten matches, Vitiaz United is surely a team to look at and people must consider the team coached by Nathan Vincent as a serious contender to win the current National Soccer League season. Despite being on top of the table, the players know that there is still a lot to come: “We are the top team in the table but we have not fully secured the top position yet, we still need to maintain our form and focus on our goals and objectives,” said team’s captain Eliud Fugre.

Fugre (left) is the captain of current PNG National Soccer League leaders Vitiaz United

The 31-year-old forward also highlighted the team’s preparation for the upcoming challenges: “We have maintained a close team bonding which is a key aspect of our culture during preparations. After all football is a sport which needs proper team coordination to win games. Training and tactical sessions have been put in place to get us on track for the league’s resumption,” he stated – “Anyway I am happy with what we have done in the league so far,” added Fugre.

Vitiaz United officially returns to a football pitch on this Saturday against Star Mountain FC at PNG Football Stadium in Port Moresby. You can check the updated schedule of the remaining matches of the season by clicking here.

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