Solomon Islands: Jerry Allen and Jerry Sam to coach Honiara City in Telekom S-League

Honiara City is one of the three new franchises that are going to feature in this Telekom S-League season alongside Central Coast FC and Southern United. Despite being a new franchise, Honiara City has a very good staff led by Jerry Allen and Jerry Sam.

Allen and Sam are part of the staff of Hekari United from Papua New Guinea but they are currently stuck in Solomon Islands due to border restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemics so both will be coaching Honiara City in the 2020 Telekom S-League until borders reopen: “The players are happy and enjoying every training session with Allen who is sharing his knowledge with the players,” said Jerry Sam.

Allen (left) and Sam (right)

Sam also expressed his confidence in the team for the upcoming challenges: “We are a new franchise in the league and we have many young players with hidden talent,” he stated.

Honiara City’s debut in the major football league from Solomon Islands is against Marist FC on Wednesday at Lawson Tama Stadium.


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