Abdias Aguirre: a South American looking to shine in PNG National Soccer League

The current PNG National Soccer League champions Lae City will not be counting anymore on the usual Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba in their attack; but the team now coached by Bob Morris will need to move on if they want to defend their national glory this season. As the PNG National Soccer League is set to restart, the recent addition to Lae’s, the Ecuadorian midfielder Abdias Aguirre, seems determinated to fill the gaps the left and procude good quality football in order to help his team to get another national title: “I’m focused to be champion; personally I am working always in the gym, training each day harder in the pitch to help Lae to win the league“, said the Ecuadorian.

Abdias, alongside his compatriot Gustine Icaza Vergara, joined Lae City in the start of the year to help them in OFC Champions League; both South Americans featured in the regional tournament but could not help their team to proceed to the knock-out stage as they were beaten by Vanuatuan champions Malampa Revivors in the decisive clash in the group stage. Now, Abdias Aguirre, that is having his first experience playing away from his home country, put all his focus in the national league: “the competition will be hard, Hekari signed some important players for the restart of the league, another teams are preparing well – but Lae City is strong and we are focused, we want the trophy,” explained the 21-year-old midfielder.

Abdias Aguirre

The experience Abdias is having is unique – not always a South American comes to play in Oceania or especially in Papua New Guinea. He assumed he sees differences from what he was used in his motherland Ecuador from the type of football played in Papua New Guinea: “Well, from what I can see I see the game is very fast, a lot of one-two combinations, it is very strong. In South America the players concentrate more in building up plays, taking care of ball possession. Here in Papua New Guinea I feel the players put the ball forward with much urgency, they do not control the timing and it makes them get tired; they forget there is still a second half to be played – there are lots of differencies,” explains the midfielder – “It is not bad to put the ball upfront, the teams attack and they can press them, so we have game to play,” added the Ecuadorian.

Abdias will be looking to add the usual quality of South American football to Lae City’s squad alongside his compatriot Gustine; both are certainly hungry to prove theirselves in Papua New Guinea, to solidify their presence in the team and to contribute for a possible national league victory that would seal a perfect first season for the first ever Ecuadorians to feature in PNG National Soccer League.

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