Setareki Hughes’ brace put Rewa upfront hosts Lautoka in Battle of Giants clash

The hosts Lautoka made all they could to surpass one of the favourites teams for this Battle of Giants tournament, but at the end of the day one Fijian international decided the match in favour of the Delta Tigers.

The game started well for the hosts as Netani Doli touched the ball to the goal after a corner in the 14th minute of play to put Lautoka upfront. But it did not take long for the star of the night to get into the game: Setareki Hughes finished with a slice shot the ball in the nets of Joela Biuvanua after receiving the ball in the back of the defense on a flick from his teammate Gabriele Matanisiga.

In the 46th minute, still in the first half, the same Matanisiga found this time Peniame Drova free in the penalty box to score through a powerful header to put Rewa upfront in the scoreline for the first time in the match.

Matanisiga (red) was influential for Rewa with two assists – City Star

In the second half, the debutant Malakai Rakula finished from 35-yeard and equalised the match for the Blues as Rewa’s shot-stopper Senirusi Bokini failed to get the ball allowed it into his nets. But, for the luck of Bokini, Setareki Hughes was a great night: Peniame Drova sent a beautiful through pass to Hughes, that with his left foot put the ball in the right corner of Biuvanua to seal the victory of the team coached by Marika Rodu – the first win for Rewa in the tournament while Lautoka could not approach the home advantage in this Battle of Giants.

All teams will restart the competition tomorrow (08th Aug) in order to pursue a place in the semifinals of the traditional Battle of Giants in its 2020 edition.


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