Livestreaming: a new reality for football in Solomon Islands

Watching football matches live is a reality for most of us but in Oceanian nations it is not so common as most national football leagues are not broadcasted there.

However it is going to change – at least in Solomon Islands. The 2020 Telekom S-League season kicked-off on this Saturday and it was reported by reliable sources that all football matches are going to be livestreamed on Facebook.

Two matches were livestreamed in the opening day: Kossa 3-2 Southern United and Henderson Eels 5-1 Isabel United. There were some technical issues in the streaming but it was reported by reliable sources that they are working on it to improve the quality: a huge milestone for local football.

Henderson Eels smashed Isabel United in 2020 Telekom S-League’s opening day

Oceania Football Center congratulates all people involved in the process. Having all matches recorded will help a lot the teams as they will have the opportunity to use them to make analysis which will surely help to develop the sport and improve the quality of the league.


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