AS Magenta draws but remains on top of Mobil Super Ligue

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The fourth matchweek of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue reached its second day in New Caledonia. Two more matches were being contested and you can check the details of each match in the paragraphs below

AS Magenta conceded its first draw of the season against AS Mont-Dore on this Sunday at Numa-Daly stadium. The current OFC Champions League runners-up finished the first half winning by 3-1 as Jean-Christ Wajoka, Fonzy Ronchain and Jérémy Jeno scored once each. However the hero of the day was surely Titouan Richard that scored a hat-trick to lead AS Mont-Dore. At the final whistle the final score was a 3-3 draw.

The other match of the day was contested between JS Baco and AS Kunié. Mathieu Douépéré opened the scoreboard for AS Kunié in the 13th minute but his side did not manage to keep the lead as 19-year-old forward Théo Bosshard scored a brace to for JS Baco that won by 2-1.

Despite this result, AS Magenta remains on top of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue one point ahead Hienghène Sport and Tiga Sport while AS Mont-Dore is in the ninth position with five points. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.


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