AS Mont-Dore’s youngster Titouan Richard shows his talent against AS Magenta

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The fourth matchweek of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue started on last weekend with four matches being contested at Numa-Daly Stadium. One of these matches was contested between AS Magenta and AS Mont-Dore and the final score was a surprising 3-3 draw.

This result was not so good for AS Magenta but they remain on top of the league with fourteen points in four matches – it is important to remember that the punctuation system is different in New Caledonia and Tahiti. On the other hand, it was a day to celebrate for AS Mont-Dore players, specially for youngster Titouan Richard.

Titouan Richard

Richard was the hero of the day by scoring a marvelous hat-trick to save his team from losing. The 19-year-old forward showed his talent to lead his team specially when AS Magenta was leading the clash by 3-1. Titouan was part of New Caledonia U17 National Team that played 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup held in India.

AS Mont-Dore is in the ninth position in the Mobil Super Ligue with five points in four matches. You can check the current league standings by clicking here.

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