Henry Fa’arodo endorses the importance of Telekom S-League for Solomon Islands football

Henry Fa’arodo is a true legend when it comes to football in Oceania. The 37-year-old midfielder from Solomon Islands is currently playing for Hamilton Wanderers in the Lotto NRFL Premier Men’s in New Zealand after being the head coach of Solomon Warriors in the last Telekom S-League season.

Despite being in New Zealand, Fa’arodo always expresses his thoughts about football in his homeland on social media. The legendary player talked to Oceania Football Center about the 2020 Telekom S-League that kicked-off on Saturday. Scroll down to check!

What are your expectations for this Telekom S-League season, Henry? Do you expect a higher technical level?

I am expecting an evenly contested season. Technical level and structure will be the difference between teams especially in the first round. Teams that are good technically and tactically structured can be hard to beat.

What are your thoughts on the return of players such as Atkin Kaua, Alick Maemae, Benjamin Totori and Gagame Feni to the national league?

I think to have players like Atkin, Benjamin, Alick and Gagame to name a few is good in a way to bring in the experience to teams that have a majority of young and upcoming talents. Also it will be good to see aspiring young talents rubbing shoulders with the experience players too. It is a learning curve.

How important is to have a well organised national league? What would you suggest for teams this season in order to improve the level of the game?

It is very important to have an organised national league and even national youth league. In terms of improving the level of the game for a club or team, I believe in the coaching team. His or their ideas, understanding of the modern game, philosophy and goal settings can make a difference in the level of the game. Through delivering sessions that will improve the players and make them more competent in their roles within the team structure and the style of play the coach wants his team to play.

How will you follow the league from New Zealand?

I will follow the league through the S-League page on Facebook.

Do you have any message for the local supporters of the Telekom S-League?

For the local supporters please support your teams, if you can assist the teams help them out. Even if it is volunteering, be a volunteer. And remember to be humble in winning and be positive in losing. Remember you and your actions will represent the teams and the clubs you support and follow.

Oceania Football Center would like to thank to Henry Fa’arodo for answering our questions!

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