Flemming Serritslev keeps evaluating players for Fiji National Team

Since being announced as the new coach of Fiji National Football Team in January, Flemming Serritslev has been working hard to get to know the players and find new talent in local football. The 72-year-old head coach from Denmark is being very active in local football and it is being considered a very good point by local supporters.

Serritslev is always attending football matches and he is constantly seen in local stadiums and it was not different in the Battle of the Giants as the Danish head coach has been watching the first stage of the tournament to scout local players.

Flemming Serritslev

He had the opportunity to work with some players in camps held at Fiji FA Academy earlier this year. From his observations in the first camp, Serritslev stated that local players need further development and exposure.

Fiji’s next international challenge is not known yet but football fans can not wait to watch the Bula Boys in the pitch with Flemming Serritslev being the head coach.


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