Lee Taiwia: Ifira Black Bird’s goal is to win PVFA Premier League

Ifira Black Bird are living a marvelous season in Vanuatu: they won the Opening Cup and reached PVFA Independence Cup‘s final where they lost to Galaxy FC. Also, Ifira are currently sharing the PVFA Premier League’s lead with Tafea as both teams are tied in the first position with eighteen points in nine matches.

This wonderful season is something very exciting for players and fans as the team is fighting for the league title, but players need to keep their feet on the ground: “We can stay on top if we remain focused on winning the league,” said Ifira’s forward Lee Taiwia.

Lee Taiwia

Taiwia and his teammates will face Sia-Raga – a team that they have beaten by 11-0 in the Independende Cup – when league resumes. However Lee knows that they can not underestimate any team: “We are working hard for all remaining matches. Our team work is very strong and we are focused on winning,” he stated – “Winning PVFA Premier League is our goal, and I believe we can make it,” he added.

Ifira have four matches to keep their moment to win Premier League. You can check the current league standings and the full schedule of the tournament by clicking here.


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