Mess: the perfect word to describe football in Vanuatu

After eight months the 2019-20 PVFA Premier League will resume… or not. The tenth matchweek of the tournament was scheduled to kick-off today but the league’s resumption was postponed on Tuesday – and it was not reported by any source.

Anyway, four matches are going to be contested this weekend in Port Vila as part of a new tournament that was created from night to day. These four matches are exactly the same four matches that compose the tenth matchweek of PVFA Premier League which means that a league matchweek became the first matchweek of a new tournament.

The reason for the league’s postponement is the VFF National Championship’s kick-off on next weekend. However the biggest problem is that Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) claims that they did not know that this tournament would kick-off this month – that is why PVFA Premier League was scheduled to resume this weekend.

PVFA (left) and VFF (right) logos

According to reliable sources, PVFA did not send any representative to attend a VFF meeting held earlier this year. It was reported that VFF communicated PVFA about the National Championship but PVFA denies it – a problem that would be easily solved by sending an e-mail.

Vanuatu’s football suffers amid all this mess. The worst part of it is that the development of the sport slows down due to lack of communication.


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