Midland Football League: an amazing football project from Solomon Islands

The benefit that sport provides to society is almost incalculable. Social inclusion and the countless benefits that physical activities bring to human health are some items that make sport an important role in society.

At a time when violence has become commonplace in society in general, sport plays an important role in social inclusion. By taking children and adolescents off the streets, he helps prevent and combat drugs and violence, contributing to the promotion of public security.

The transformative power of sport has led several companies to adopt it as a way to improve the performance and health of employees, as it has been scientifically proven that physical activities develop self-esteem and, consequently, work performance.

In addition to social inclusion, sport provides numerous benefits to human health. Acting in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and several other diseases, the sport gains space and interest in medicine.

Having all these points in mind, the Midland Football League (Solomon Islands) was created in 2014 with two main goals: promoting football in Auki – the biggest city in Malaita Province – and reducing the incidence of negative behavior in local youth. The current season is being contested by thirteen teams from the region.

Midland Football League’s logo

Despite the good intentions, the project still face some problems like the lack of sponsorship. According to Midland Football League’s (MFL) president Paul Kabolo there top teams will be awarded with prizes, but they still need the help of local companies and business houses to award all prizes. You can see an official letter from MFL board asking for sponsorship by clicking here.

Oceania Football Center congratulates Paul Kabolo and all MFL’s board for the initiative we look forward to keep up with the next steps of this local football league from Solomon Islands.

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