New Caledonia: Derby of the Islands to finish the fourth round of Mobil Super Ligue

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The fourth round of 2020 Mobil Super Ligue reaches its end this weekend when Horizon Patho will face SC Ne Drehu at Stade La Roche in Maré Island. This clash is known as the Derby of the Islands as both teams are not from New Caledonia’s major island.

The reason for the Derby’s name is clear: Horizon Patho is from Maré Island while SC Ne Drehu is from Lifou Island – that is also known as Drehu in a local language – which means that both teams are not from Grande Terre: the major island from New Caledonia.

Horizon Patho and SC Ne Drehu will clash at Stade La Roche – Mobil Super Ligue Media

Horizon Patho need to recover in the tournament after a terrible draw against AS Mont-Dore two weeks ago while SC Ne Drehu want to win another match to get closer to the leaders.

Oceania Football Center wish good luck to both teams. You can check the current standings of the Mobil Super Ligue by clicking here.


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