Lupe o le Soaga and Moata’a crowned as youth champions in Samoa

The first football champions of the year are finally known in Samoa as the youth leagues are finishing in Upolu – the most important island of the country.

Lupe o le Soaga were crowned as U19 Champions after beating Vaipuna by 3-1 in the final clash while Moata’a clinched the U17 League’s title by beating Faleasiu in the shootout: “I am really proud of them tonight, I just don’t know what to say. It’s been a tough 10 weeks for them but they did it,” said Paul Scanlan – the head coach of Moata’a – to Samoa Observer.

U19 Lupe o le Soaga (left) and U17 Moata’a (right)

Premier Men’s League – the major football league from Upolu is scheduled to kick-off on Tuesday and many players from U19 and U17 squads will also play the senior tournament including Lupe o le Soaga’s youngster Oscar Anto from Ghana.

You can check more information about the U17 League and U19 League by clicking in the league’s name.

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