We need to talk about Josaia Sela’s injury

This Saturday was a huge day for Rewa fans as the Delta Tigers reached Battle of the Giants’ final after beating Ba in the shootout. However this day was just not perfect for one reason: the serious injury of the talented Josaia Sela.

Sela opened the scoreboard for Rewa in the 35th minute when he found the net from a right-footed shot. However the 17-year-old forward could not celebrate the goal because he got injured at the same time that thousands of people celebrated the goal scored by him. Ba’s goalkeeper Isikeli Sevanaia collided with Sela and the youngster player from Rewa ended up breaking his leg in the play.

His injury caused a stir on social media as people started to blame Sevanaia began to accuse Sevanaia for having purposely injured his opponent – which is a great fallacy. First of all it is important to point that Ba’s goalkeeper was reckless in his move once he should have tried to catch the ball with his arms, and not with his legs.

Sevanaia (left) and Sela (right)

It is clear that Sevanaia collided with his opponent because he was trying to reach the ball but he arrived late and the outcome of this move was a terrible injury that nobody wanted to see. People were shocked with Sela’s broken leg but we can not say that Sevanaia had the intention to injury his opponent.

Oceania Football Center wish a fast recovery to Josaia who is one of the most talented footballers from Fiji. We can not wait to see him back to the pitch to show his talent.

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